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Common Questions About Choose and Book

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What is Choose and book?

Choose and Book is a new initiative whereby NHS patients can elect to have their Cataract treatment done at a Hospital and by a Surgeon of their own choice

Can I choose my surgeon?

YES!! And you are guaranteed that the Consultant who will be assessing you before the operation, will do the operation and see you afterwards as necessary

Does it cost me anything?

NO!! It is entirely free - even the eye drops and related medicines

Is it as good as the NHS?

YES! You are receiving the same treatment as on the NHS - but with a guaranteed Consultant Ophthalmologist and in the comfort of New Hall Hospital

Can something goes wrong?

Any operation or procedure can have complications but at New Hall Hospital you will be in expert hands and with your own fully trained Surgeon

How does it work?

When your GP or Optician suggests a referral for cataract surgery you will be offered a choice of providers and Surgeons. Simply specify that you wish treatment at New Hall Hospital by Mr Roger Humphry.

Can I choose my dates?

YES! You will be offered a choice of dates and times to suit you. Most of Mr Humphry's Consultations take place on Tuesday afternoons.

What about follow-up?

This will be about two weeks after the operation at New Hall Hospital by Mr Humphry or, if you prefer, at your local Optician

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